Welcome to the Marketing Plans 7th Edition Book Companion Website for Tutors and Students

Malcolm McDonald and Hugh Wilson are very experienced teachers and researchers. They continue to teach at the highest levels on MBA, MSc, Undergraduate programmes and, equally as important, at senior levels within many of the world's best blue chip companies. By applying their widely-published academic research to real world problems in a consultancy capacity to global companies, they have learned the art of translating theory into practice via case studies, mini cases, powerpoint slides, vignettes, teaching material and of course via the world's second best selling marketing textbook after Philip Kotler's.

The authors passionately believe in setting alongside scholarly research the art of scholarly teaching and continue to win the highest plaudits for their teaching style and material wherever they go in the world.

They have worked extremely hard and diligently at putting together this Tutors' Guide so that those of you who adopt the textbook will also have at your fingertips the very best teaching materials available today.

We hope you will enjoy teaching the art of strategic marketing planning as much as we do.

Best of luck.

Emeritus Professor Malcolm McDonald MA (OXON), MSc, PhD, D. Litt. FCIM FRSA
and Professor Hugh Wilson MA (OXON), DipCompSci(Cantab), PhD